Pool Liners

Inground pool liners can change your pools apperance over night. We have a connection with a major liner manufacturer that when they start to get low on a partern, they offer us a discount to help them close out their inventory. Full manufacturer warranty, custom fit, less seams, Tri County Pool & Spas offers a 1 year warranty on all labor.

  • Change your pools apperance over night.
  • Full manufacturer warranty.
  • Custom fit, less seams.
  • 1 year warranty on all labor.

Changing your pool is as easy as, we measure to get an aproximate size, go to our manufacturers web site to pick a liner, we'll then give you a writen quote, with your approval we'll do a full accurate measurement and place your liner order. In about 2 weeks we'll be out to install your new pool. We'll fill the pool, making sure there's no wrinkles, balance the water and if you want we can do the weekly maintenance too. Here are examples of before and after pool liner installs.