Pool Pumps

Currently there are 3 types of pumps available to run a pools filtration system.

Single Speed Pumps, 2 speed pumps and Variable speed pumps. As of now until 2021 single speed pumps are available for replacement and repairs. After 2021 only single speed pumps under 1.0 total horse power will be allowed, larger motors (considered non energy efficient) will no longer be available to run a pump responsible for water filtration.

2 Speed Pumps, These have been around for a long time. High speed operates just like a single speed pump( turning at 3450 RPMs ), while low speed has half the flow. Half flow s not necessarily the right flow for every pool, but it was an option to use less electricity. This 2 speed pump does have an issue for failure in the switching mechanism. Repairs are more costly than single speed pumps. Low to good energy efficiency but not long term dependability.

Variable Speed Pumps, These have electromagnetic motors ( very high energy efficiency ) Max RPMs is 3450, but can be adjusted down to flow only at a rate that the pool needs. While single speed pumps may be using over 2000 watts an hour, variable speed pumps may end up at 200-400 watts per hour. Each pool is different depending variables of size, solar, floor jets, pool vacuums etc. But the beauty of these pumps are they are adjustable to accommodate what your pool needs and they save energy at any speed. In most cases they will pay for their cost in energy savings in less than 3 years. We have installed more of these pumps in our area than anyone else locally, and we set it up the right way, and us as a licensed pool contractor will be able to get you the longest warranty possible. In some brands we are the warranty station if a repair is needed.

Reason for changes in 2021 by the State of Florida. With hundreds of people moving into Florida every day, the power grid struggles some times, and with no one wanting a new Power Plant in your back yard energy efficiency on appliances is becoming critical. Everything being replace or install must meet efficiency standards and laws will be changing to do this.